Cost reduction

Cost Reduction Saves You Dollars.

Selling quality plastic products in Canada is challenging because of the cost of manufacture and shipping. In the past, cost concerns even drove many companies to go off-shore for their contract manufacturing. No longer true, the highest quality products are made in Canada and the savings in shipping by making products locally has ensured that ‘on-shoring’ – bringing manufacturing business and jobs back to North America – has gained tremendous momentum. In addition to shipping, the cost of manufacturing has been slashed.

Technology Edge Equals Competitive Economic Advantage

Manufacturing processes that are able to use and incorporate crumb rubber in these different contexts gain from between 10% to as high as 60% materials cost reduction. Interestingly, the material properties are often slightly improved and the final product will have the characteristics of a higher value product, while retaining this lower cost basis. The result: a product that is improved and valued more highly by the customer while the cost of making the product has dropped – sometimes extraordinarily.