Closing the Loop in Manufacturing.

We use the raw materials on this planet to make the products and gadgets that fill our daily lives. Although we know that there is a rapidly dwindling supply of these finite resources, we have not integrated the need for a truly circular economy with our daily lifestyle habits and consumer choices.

At Inpress, we focus on research and development in order to bring technology to the manufacturing process that makes a difference. Our technology and processes closes the loop on end of life products and materials being landfilled or incinerated, allowed re-use and re-cycling to create a cradle to cradle solution for plastic and rubber products.

Implementing a Circular Economy

Our approach to ensuring a cradle to cradle solution that is economically feasible and environmentally sound is grounded in the study of feedback from our manufacturing systems. We help our clients move away from the unacceptable practices of taking, making and disposing, and create a circular framework as a pragmatic and credible business solution.

Here’s one example of how we do this every day: