Innovation: Inpress to Impress

At Inpress, we have patented a way to incorporate recycled rubber into the plastics manufacturing process that brings down materials cost to 1/6. Being able to manufacturer consumer products at a fraction of the cost has no down-side – depending on the product we are working with, there are either no changes in product properties or there are changes in properties that make the product more valuable to the consumer. We have already licensed for over $10Million of retail product sales in Canada and we are now screening manufacturing partners in the U.S. who want to take advantage of the benefits of our technology for the much larger U.S. market.

In order to make a product that is priced competitively in the retail space, local North American plastics manufacturers are limited to an average radius of less than 200 km from the physical manufacturing plant because of the cost of shipping and logistics. The only other alternative to local North American manufacturing is going off-shore for cheap manufacturing at third world locations, where there are often quality and customer service problems. In contrast, our patented materials reduction technology allows consumer plastic products to be made by local North American manufacturing at third world factory prices.


At Inpress, our people matter. Our team includes the operational management of a local Vancouver plastics manufacturing facility along with experts in our technology and in intellectual property, who have each been a founder or a C-suite member of a startup that built, grew and/or funded several successful startups in the past 5 years. Our past experience of success as well as the many lessons learned from failures underpin our commitment to sustainable growth and optimization.